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Your use of the Service constitutes your agreement to the terms contained in this agreement as well as your (hereafter referred to as the User) agreement to comply with these terms.


Service Provider holds the rights of the contents of the Service. Service Provider also reserves the right to alter the content of the Service (including this agreement) without notifying the User.


Ordering from the Service does not require registration.


Service Provider is responsible for the proper handling of the information given by the User and for protecting the User's privacy. The information given by the User will be stored in the client registry of the Service.


Service Provider will not give out the personal information received from users to any outside parties, excluding necessary details to payment gateway providers such as PayPal for payment handling, and the necessary details for shipping companies to fulfill shipping.


The information in the client registry can be used in online direct marketing only if the user has given his consent to it.


The User has the right to view and change his personal information in the Service. If the User wishes to have his personal information removed from the registry, the User must contact our customer service.


The User is responsible for following the terms of this agreement.


The User is fully responsible for any damage caused to the Service, other users or third parties that result from breaking the terms of this agreement, the law or from improper conduct.


The trade agreement is valid once Service Provider has sent the User a confirmation of order by e-mail.


Communication between the parties is handled through e-mail. The User agrees to monitor his e-mail account for the confirmation after placing an order.


The User has the right to cancel his order by e-mail before the order has been delivered. The delivery is considered complete when Service Provider has shipped the order or parts of the order.


When the User has made an order, Service Provider no longer has the right to change the terms of the agreement.


Service Provider reserves the right to decline the order.


Delivery costs will be added to the final price. Delivery costs will depend on the method of delivery chosen by the User, the country of the recipient and the weight or volume weight.


The delivery costs will be shown in the Service before the order is finished.


The recipient of the product is responsible for local taxes, toll fees and other such payments.

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